The audience was interested not only in what happens in the outside world (events, incidents, processes, situations), but also the people as the main actors of what is happening, especially on the part of their personal characteristics. What is identity? Social psychology defines a person as a “human individual, as a subject of relationships and […]

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Commentary (part 2)

With all the flexibility, comment form has a relatively strong structure. Comment is (except for brief comment form) structure of evidential reasoning about some of the core issues. This predetermined content, functions, subject to the genre. During arguments commented new event associated with processes that are more general, situations and tasks, as a rule already […]

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Commentary (part 1)

Comments can be as interview technique and genre of journalism. As a method comment applies to all forms of publications: in the note as quoted expressions other people’s opinions or various notes; in the correspondence, articles, essays, reviews, reviews in the forms of the author’s interpretationof the display object, in the form of a final thought. Commenting method can even be used as the basis, for example, newspaper strips, radio and television broadcasts. It appears that the various publications, arranged […]

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The conversation, along with an interview is an important analytical genre of journalism, having dialogical, “polyconic” form. Conversation is widely used in the press for many years. Sophisticated connoisseurs journalistic genres are well known, for example, “Conversations at the” round table “,” which for many years took place in the pages of “Literary Gazette.” At […]

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Genre interview is the result of “tightness” in the journalistic text form obtained by the authors of the text of certain information on the validity of using the method of interview. As is known, the method itself does not relate to interviews theoretical and empirical methods to (as discussed earlier in this book). Obviously, for […]

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Interview. Methods of active collecting of invoices.

Data from the perspective of informants cannot receive a one-time fee, or spending their recruitment, constantly. Effective means of extracting information from the subjects are: Bribery (pledge or transfer of money and other material values, as, indeed, and assistance in anything). Blackmail (on the real, on trumped-up, on the vulnerability of objects). Hard threat or […]

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