How to combine work and study

It is no secret that the financial situation of most students is very slippery and unstable. It is always disappointing. In fact, the period of the student body – the perfect time to practice to demonstrate that happiness – not money. In particular, not only silver. Money is a necessary but not sufficient, if you […]

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How to request feedback on your writing

No one has been born a writer. All writers had to go through the process of “becoming a writer” and if you have read as many biographies of writers as I do, you will know that it is not an easy way for anyone. You may want to consult a professional writer, but you are […]

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What do we know about journalism?

This is your last school year. It is time to think about your future career. Some of your classmates say they intend to follow example of their parents. However, what do you want to do in the future? They are definitely something special, looks interesting and promising, and brings inner satisfaction. Then, journalism can be […]

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Essay on Journalism

Writing is the fact that portion of social action, which is focused on the dissemination of opinions and information in regards to the culture. Contemporary writing nourishes five sections of mass media: Newspapers and Magazines Stereo TV Pictures Marketing In contemporary organizations, blogging is becoming the media of mass instruction supplying instruction that is additional […]

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Sex education in schools

The issue regarding sex education in schools has always had a varied opinion among the parents and teachers. Sex education in schools is the process that involves students forming attitudes, beliefs and acquiring information regarding sex, intimacy, relationships and sexual identity. This paper looks forward to determine whether sex education in schools has benefits. To […]

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