The interview as a genre of journalism

Definition Interview – special information genre of journalism is co-featured bout correspondent dialogue and publication of the hero. Otherwise, the interviewer interviewee. (Plates, try to speak) Interview – an original genre, in this regard, it is made in a special way. While the article, extended information several similar (Problems details). In an interview, you write […]

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What to consider when you take the interview? (Part 1)

Interview a conversation with a journalist companion designed for the media; the journalist asks the questions, and the other person responds to them. The journalist the interviewer, interviewee the interviewee. Interviewed someone to interview. Work on the interview is divided into three phases: preparation, conversation, writing material. The first stage preparation for the interview: choice of the theme; choice of the interlocutor, the corresponding topic of the interview; preparation of the indicative […]

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How to combine work and study

It is no secret that the financial situation of most students is very slippery and unstable. It is always disappointing. In fact, the period of the student body – the perfect time to practice to demonstrate that happiness – not money. In particular, not only silver. Money is a necessary but not sufficient, if you […]

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