Why do we interview children? Prepare for interview

Why interview the children?  Kids want to speak. Babies have something to say fresh and interesting. Children look at things differently than adults. Something the education system, games, children’s exploitation etc. – regard to children is much greater than us, and therefore, it is important to know what they think on this score. The conversation during the interview with the child […]

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Interviewing children. What they do not like, what they want? Start with yourself

Children do not like that Their serious remarks served as a funny or humorous (that causes laughter in adults but not in children); Media material to give it interest include “unusually intelligent child”; The media abuse photographs and biographies of children in distress, to soften the public. It does not increase respect for her children, […]

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The interview as a genre of journalism

Definition Interview – special information genre of journalism is co-featured bout correspondent dialogue and publication of the hero. Otherwise, the interviewer interviewee. (Plates, try to speak) Interview – an original genre, in this regard, it is made in a special way. While the article, extended information several similar (Problems details). In an interview, you write […]

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