Samples of journalism papers

Examples of journalism and other types of papers

Quiz. Question answer

QUIZ Recall that the survey – it is similar to the method of interview information, has a number of distinct characteristics. Unlike the interview, whose purpose – to provide answers to several (sometimes – a lot of) differing nature of questions from one person during the interview the journalist tries to get answers to the […]

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INFORMATION CORRESPONDENCE Information mail is different from the more detailed notes and a wider coverage of the subject. That is usually the subject of some single event, phenomenon, and action. Moreover, the publication of this genre can include not only the factual description of the subject, but also some elements of evaluation, prescription, and prognosis […]

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Requirements for notes

Because the notes are, the main mode of information “Scan” actually means operative notification audience about what is happening in the world, i.e., the most important means of communication of the “news” that the basic requirements that must comply with journalists, preparing notes, are the requirements of timeliness and relevance. A note on an event […]

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Estimated information. Regulatory information. The program information

Estimated information As you know, the evaluation is the ratio of the subject of (a journalist or any other person) to measure the subject. This attitude is the result of comparing the evaluation subject to certain criteria, as which can act needs, interests, ideals, standards, samples, standards, and so forth. The estimated are often reports […]

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Factual information. Probabilistic information. Preventive information.

Factual information The facts, as well as other kinds of knowledge in the knowledge set actually different methods. Most often, a fact in journalism understand description of the phenomena, events, processes, situations. However, in fact this concept is much broader and above is a certain knowledge of the existence of a wide variety of phenomena […]

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The audience was interested not only in what happens in the outside world (events, incidents, processes, situations), but also the people as the main actors of what is happening, especially on the part of their personal characteristics. What is identity? Social psychology defines a person as a “human individual, as a subject of relationships and […]

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Commentary (part 2)

With all the flexibility, comment form has a relatively strong structure. Comment is (except for brief comment form) structure of evidential reasoning about some of the core issues. This predetermined content, functions, subject to the genre. During arguments commented new event associated with processes that are more general, situations and tasks, as a rule already […]

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