May 19, 2017

Commentary (part 1)


Comments can be as interview technique and genre of journalism. As a method comment applies to all forms of publications: in the note as quoted expressions other people’s opinions or various notes; in the correspondence, articles, essays, reviews, reviews in the forms of the author’s interpretationof the display object, in the form of a final thought. Commenting method can even be used as the basis, for example, newspaper strips, radio and television broadcasts. It appears that the various publications, arranged thereon, a one “comment” one another.

To designate an independent genre of journalism word “comment” was used in this century. Content suitable under this definition, “commented” (explained, discussed, clarified) important events. Currently, the ensemble of basic journalistic forms a comment occupies an important place. With it, the author expresses his attitude to the current events, formulate related tasks and problems in the form of compressed gap analysis or achievements, as well as express their assessment of the forecast, and so on. D. Note different genres of information is the presence of the analysis. From the articles, reviews, and other analytic review comments genres characterized in that it is typically analyzed a phenomenon already known to the audience and in this analysis to the prevailing attitude display object.

As the genre of comment crystallized in the second half of the nineteenth early twentieth century from widespread then brief analytical messages such correspondence. This process took place in parallel with the formation of the different genres of the information in its present sense. In addition, the comments and information genres were and remain genres, reflecting the daily specials, and even ahead of them. Modern commentary has the following objectives: To direct audience attention to important new facts emerging at the forefront of public life, to evaluate them; Commented the event put in touch with others, identify the causes of this event; Formulate a forecast of the commented event; Justify, usually by way of example, the necessary modes of behavior or problem solving.

It should be emphasized that the comment is not only a response to new developments. The commentary actively appear issues discussed related to them expired Faculty of you. In addition, as we have already noted, comments can be proactive, anticipating the events of society-tovyaschimi theirinevitability.

Features commentary genre is inextricably linked with its object. The question about the subject of comment should not be attributed to the academic it arises from the daily journalistic practice. Defining the purpose of future performance involves clarity in the definition of its subject matter. Comment is about relationships detected Questions solved with its help, focused on knowledge essence of things, to the prompt resolution of problems in the incentive to action. An infinite variety of specific commented problems can be largely covered by a number of common issues, summarized in the group: About the features or qualities of the new fact of its value; On the causes, conditions, assumptions of the existence of the facts; it is related to questions about precedents, parallels; About the goals, motives, action plans participants the commented event (fact); On the order of the commented event; On trends, patterns of development of the society, which are manifested in the fact commented about the contradictions within this fact; The tasks that arise from the commented facts, ways and methods of their solutions in a given situation; commented on the reliability of the facts.

Similarly, the known issues inherent in the news report: “what?”, “Where?”, “Co-GDS?”, “How?”, Commentary inherent questions: “What, really?”, “Who is really?”, “Under any circumstances why? Who benefits? What is the situation? What to do? What is better? What are the differences and contradictions? How to manifest the direction of development, what is its strategy and tactics? The first step in preparing a comment, as in the preparation of any other material, is the selection target. Therefore, the author must clearly answer to your questions: A phenomenon I want to highlight. I should tell the reader what knowledge give him. What feelings awaken him? What knowledge, presentation of the subject matter of the future performance I already have? Which may have objections to my opponent? How to consider them in the publication?

The more clearly the author’s intention, the more accurate its decision on the formulation of certain questions that must be answered. The clearer the goal and asking questions, the purposeful collection of information, the more deeply thought out communication object, the easier and more confident in the end, the material is written.

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