July 13, 2017

Analytical press release


Striving media to survive in an era of rapid development of market relations in the country was the cause of the fact that the newspapers and magazines, in television and radio programs firmly established advertising, which has become a source of material well-being of the majority of publications. Advertising in the media is present not only in the form of purely advertising texts. It also puts on the clothes of journalistic materials. This, in particular, led to an actively declared itself genre “press release”. The press release called the selection of informational messages that tell about the merits of some of the company or individual, such as a candidate. They are, in fact, received such press releases to the media. Resulting in the wording of the press release, it will not necessarily be published. Perhaps it will become just one of the sources of information that will be used, edited for orientation in the business world or in the election campaign. Because it is, also part of the material can be withdrawn and published in the form of notes, chronicles, information correspondence.

Thus, the press release is able to be converted to some already well-known journalistic genre. However, the journalist can put a task to preserve the essence of advertising press release and complete it with additional new data, removing the excess, to prepare a publication that has the peculiar features. This publication may be analytic nature. Connection analytical and advertising began underlies the analytical press release.

The subject of analytical press release are quality, the possibility of any people or organizations, companies and institutions in relation to their needs, challenges that currently may be in the media audience. The journalist has set itself the task of preparing a press release, the need arises to analyze the causal relationship between the ability to meet the needs that exist in the media audience, and advertised the activities of firms, institutions and individuals.

Moreover, the purpose of the analytical press release is not simply to show that the organization or person able to solve some problems of the audience, but also to prove it. Therefore, the author of the analytical press release refers to a demonstrative argument, to the use of arguments supporting his allegations.

As a rule, in a press release as arguments used examples of successful activity of the company, institution or person, their high professional qualities, moral and other positive aspects. Author’s analysis of press releases are also often based in their statements on the positive feedback on the activities of the advertised companies and individuals on expert assessments, supporting the position of the authors.

Thus, the genre of analytical press release characterized by two main types of analysis – causal and evaluative. During the evaluation analysis, set high positive qualities of the advertised company or individual, and the specific tasks that lie ahead of the media audience will be addressed during the causal analysis demonstrates that it is through this company, these persons.

The dominant analytical press releases is estimated analysis because, having an idea of what qualities has advertised the subject, the audience can quite easily establish its suitability as a means (cause) to meet their urgent needs.

A characteristic feature of the press release, which unites him to a certain extent with the genre of writing – is the author’s direct appeal to his audience, encouraged her to act in a certain way.

Those who want to protect yourself from unscrupulous cooperation with business partners, the company “Capital” offers to conclude a treaty on the prevention of non-payment or delivery failures goods and after the signing of the document is the guarantor of the transaction.

Work on an analytical press release requires a journalist first and foremost attention to the reliability offered his firms, individuals information about their capabilities. As the incorrect information, if it would be published that could cause material and moral damage to the audience of the media.

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