June 13, 2017

Blitz-portrait. Mini-Review. Mini story. Mini-tips

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This genre may be isolated from other types of publications information as an independent identity, based on the display object. Publications of this type contain brief information about the person with the aim to give the audience an initial idea of his personality. The name “Blitz-portrait”, to some extent, sets up an acquaintance with a particular subject of the display, which is the people. The presence of such names notes important for the journalist and for the audience. The journalist knowing that he needed to prepare information material in the genre of “blitz-portrait”, helps to clarify what he should write. Audiences same notation publication called “blitz-portrait” suggests something that, in fact, referred to in this heading beneath the publication.


This type of material is a factual review. Possibility of classification of information publications for independent genre kind notes “mini-review” is to display the originality of the subject. Namely, such a subject in such cases one does not favor any event, action, effect, and their combination. In addition, the author of the mini-reviews defines this set. Within this combination may be, for example, a certain period, during which there have been the most notable, from the point of view of the author, event. However, it can combine some other phenomenon on the basis of, for example, by their similarity (in the subject). They can be found and any other reasons for choosing a set of monitored phenomena.

The author is not a mini-Ferris aims to thoroughly identify the relationships that exist between them for the selected lighting phenomena publication. He does not try in such publications, drawing on links illuminated phenomena, to determine some of their generating pattern. Its main purpose – to inform about the existence of similar phenomena occurred or notify within a certain period of time events.

Mini story

This type of notes is currently widespread in publications intended for family reading and preparing for the “European standard” (the reader is encouraged to obtain basic information with minimal time and effort). In other words, this type of notes are focused on a small amount of information accompanying tend to color photos.

The main basis for the selection of mini-stories as an independent genre appears displaying the object, which is a kind of family, love, professional, or other vital affair, built on human relationships.

The main purpose of the publications of the “mini-story” is primarily to entertain the readers, to give some material to meet the so-called “human interest” to discuss with family and friends.

Mini advice. Information publications of this type are interesting, the basic content of which is the program information.


refer to the publications of the genre information to the extent that they serve to the audience notices about the possible course of action, leading to the desired goal, but does not pretend to analyze, on a detailed study on serious argumentation accurate presentation of the Board. The credibility of this kind of text is provided only the authority of those who give them. An analysis of publications shows that the authors of the publications in the genre of mini-council often act specialists from different spheres of activity. They possess the most valuable information in this respect.

Although sometimes, as in the above examples, tips published without however specifying the degree of competence (assume – refer to specialties that are owned by the authors). First of all, this happens when the tips are published edition, the character wear home. Authors tips that can lead to more or less serious consequences for the reader who decides to use them, as a rule, be submitted indicating the professional status of “adviser”.

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