How to interview children

Information and necessary tips about interviewing children

Interviewing children. Difficulties. Work with translator

Difficulties?  Respect children, treat them seriously and it is unlikely they will “misbehave.” In addition, vice versa, street children, behaving rudely and aggressively toward passing tourists, will change in the blink of an eye; just you show them attended and spoke politely. Sometimes, however, that the interview interfere with other aspects of their life, depriving them of calm and do not allow focusing on what is happening. But whatever […]

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Interviewing children. Techniques. How to start. Wishes.

Speech techniques Talk with your child to you – after all, you would not “poke” adult respondents without their prior permission. In older children, it will almost certainly make a good impression – they appreciate that they are addressed as equals. Children younger can seem eccentric – if you feel that they are uncomfortable, ask […]

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Why do we interview children? Prepare for interview

Why interview the children?  Kids want to speak. Babies have something to say fresh and interesting. Children look at things differently than adults. Something the education system, games, children’s exploitation etc. – regard to children is much greater than us, and therefore, it is important to know what they think on this score. The conversation during the interview with the child […]

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