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Here you can find the posts that could be useful for the journalism specialty students

What to consider when you take the interview? (Part 1)

Interview a conversation with a journalist companion designed for the media; the journalist asks the questions, and the other person responds to them. The journalist the interviewer, interviewee the interviewee. Interviewed someone to interview. Work on the interview is divided into three phases: preparation, conversation, writing material. The first stage preparation for the interview: choice of the theme; choice of the interlocutor, the corresponding topic of the interview; preparation of the indicative […]

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How to request feedback on your writing

No one has been born a writer. All writers had to go through the process of “becoming a writer” and if you have read as many biographies of writers as I do, you will know that it is not an easy way for anyone. You may want to consult a professional writer, but you are […]

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What do we know about journalism?

This is your last school year. It is time to think about your future career. Some of your classmates say they intend to follow example of their parents. However, what do you want to do in the future? They are definitely something special, looks interesting and promising, and brings inner satisfaction. Then, journalism can be […]

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