November 29, 2016

Elderly Persons And Responsibilities


Majority of the elderly persons like to travel back to their respective homes only if they are sure if the presence of a college that is advance of age as well as a nurse that is ready to take care of them. Besides, some countries have initiatives that enable the government to offer financial assistance and other healthcare needs to the individuals. The essay paper, therefore, purpose to discuss the persons responsible for the elderly people as well as providing specific reasons for the perspectives. Precisely, it utilizes scholarly and relevant information to present enough details regarding the individuals that should take care of the elderly.

The individuals responsible for the elderly persons

First, the close relatives and nurses should bear the burden offering the professional and financial support to the elderly people since they have the emotional attachment necessary for psychological nourishment which is also beneficial in freshening the mind and physical body. Secondly, people of advanced age should help different colleagues that are weaker than them because such scenario creates a mutual cooperation making them stop the feeling of neglect by the society (Murrells, 2015).


In details, relatives, elderly colleagues and nurses provide dynamic helps, for instance, emotional satisfaction, mutual cooperation and professionalism that are beneficial for the individuals on focus to get metal, physical and psychological care. In addition, nurses are instrumental in caring for the elderly individuals that require special health care attention that locals are unable to offer as they are trained professionals (Harris, 2015).


Elderly persons are instrumental in the society because they have indigenous knowledge as well as past experience that the youths require. The governments should, therefore, formulate initiatives that encourage relatives, nurses and other individuals of advanced age to take care of the old people.

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