July 25, 2017

Everyday story. Legend

Everyday story


The difference of this genre from the genre information “mini-stories” is the fullness, richness “sweep” of their respective parties, the language of imagery, visualization. Similarly, the type of text in the literature corresponds to the story. Publications of this type often appear in the pages of the popular Western periodicals (for example, the world-famous magazine for family reading “Reader’s Digest”), and therefore adequately investigated. In everyday stories, describe some episodes from the life of people, their behavior, and the different situations of conflict, i.e., all that can be designated as a “human being.” Everyday stories are created by artistic method, i.e., a major role in the birth of the author of such texts is playing fantasy. It was she who gives birth did not exist in reality the situation or “handles” that took place in the real world, bringing the “raw material” to the real opportunities in a particular case, the artistic level (in terms of improved imagery, sharpness contained in collision materials, unexpected turns of events in the development of the display and so on.).

However, in contrast to the actual works of art of everyday stories, which write the journalists tend to have a more down to earth, close to the documentary nature of the representation of reality, sketchy in plot development, inherent in the use of speech language newspaper dies, well-established stylistic turns.

A certain intimacy of everyday stories in this regard to the journalistic genre publications other groups (e.g. correspondence) still does not stop just take it to the artistic and journalistic genres. This classification is justified primarily by the authors using such stories as the main instrument of creating a work of art method of representation of reality.


This is one of the oldest genres, primarily – of folklore. Submit it without legends, epics, and legends hardly possible. The legends are the basis for many literary and artistic works. Legends also – actually exists on the pages of the press and journalistic genre of art. What is the essence of the genre? As a rule, the main thing that is fixed in the evaluation of the genre – it is the content side. At the same time, the content of the legend is usually associated with fiction. Indeed, imagine the legend, over which not worked imagination of its creators, it is hardly possible. It is well known that in the case where people cannot explain something real reasons they always start their “think” i.e. invent. However, we must bear in mind only a fiction to create stable little legend.

A good legend contains frequently some historical fact. These are legends of the outstanding commanders, all kinds of heroes, miracle-workers and so on. Often the legend “tied” is not only to a specific person (persons), but also to a specific location, terrain, events, and phenomena.

Usually, the main (real) the facts upon which rests a legend, is not certain to unravel the mystery. At its center is often the hero (or heroes), caught in a tragic situation and, as a rule, died as a result of circumstances, but something constantly remind yourself living people.

This legend is very close to a fairy tale

What does the legend in the press? Firstly, it serves the entertainment of readers. Secondly, this kind of publication to help the audience to enter into the world of ideal pursuit, romance, poetry that accompany even the most “gross” human activities are complementary “the prose of life” helps to understand the “fine matter” of various traditions, linking different generations. Therefore, the legend, to a certain extent, can be considered as a source of knowledge. Legend can also serve as a warning to someone, someone can inspire bold deeds, etc., ie, it in effect contained therein examples edification (and many other texts) can be more or less effective in regulating human practical activity behavior. Published legend reader can be used in order to communicate and discuss it with other people.

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