June 20, 2017


Job Interview with Smiles


Information mail is different from the more detailed notes and a wider coverage of the subject. That is usually the subject of some single event, phenomenon, and action. Moreover, the publication of this genre can include not only the factual description of the subject, but also some elements of evaluation, prescription, and prognosis and so on. However, the author does not correspond information aims to identify the relationship of the described subject matter, to gain insight into it. Main for him – to tell some lie on the surface of the display parameters of the phenomenon.

Information close correspondence in its essence to the report, but such is not due to a number of reasons. The fact that the author of correspondence (as the author of the material discussed above) are usually not present at the scene at the time of execution. In addition, it does not set itself the task of writing a detailed description of the emotionally charged display object (often this cannot be done without visiting the location of the event). In addition, the report is more adapted to describe exactly the events, incidents (most unusual). Correspondence is often describes ordinary events, but not only them, but also some local situations, processes. For correspondent importantly – explain the essence of the case for the reporter – to present the essence of expressive, visually, emotionally, to reading reportage from the audience arose effect of the presence on the scene.


The reason for classifying the type of publications, designated as “information report”, to the independent genre is the special nature of the display object. As such, reports are the events that take place in the form of information exchange. This – all kinds of conferences, meetings, workshops, seminars, meetings, etc. It is produced in the course of their “product”, which is a variety of plans, statements, thoughts, solutions, etc., and reproducing a potential object of interest of the media audience (although, of course, it may be of interest, and the various aspects of the course themselves conferences, conventions and other events).

The author of any report referred to people taking part in the events described in the text, must check and accurately call them names, positions. If the publication sets out the wording of the decisions made or problems, they must be accurate and, where possible, the data is not in the retelling of the author’s publications, and in the literal exposition. This insures the accuracy of the author of the report on the possible problems related to the distortion of information.


Isolation “interview” of the genre was the result of the fact that the number of publications in the course of creation of which (in the collection of material) was used interview method captures a real process interviews or specially constructed in the question-answer form (the form of the interview). In that case, when the author of this publication aims only message the audience information received from the interviewee, not trying to comment on them, we can say that it creates information material. However, the full interview to get information, and if the answer of his interlocutor will focus on the questions: What? Where? When? If the interviewer or interviewee will “roll out” the answers to the questions: Why? How? What does it mean? etc., it may result in manifest itself analytical material.

Of course, the media often are not as concise and more detailed information interview, containing much more different in the type of questions that give answers that are more detailed. In any case, regardless of the volume and the number of questions and answers, information interview aims only to inform the reader about the author’s interest in the subject, but does not examine this subject.

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