March 3, 2017

Interview: it is more than questions and answers


Interviews can fail for many reasons, but it will almost certainly, if the reporter is not ready for him. Anyone who agrees to give an interview usually implies that the reporter will be as prepared and knowledgeable. Unprepared reporter is very easy to mislead, and, of course, the extracted information in this case will be of little value. Competent these questions have a dialogue, most of the interviewees.

Therefore, the reporter should first read everything you can get on the interviewee (or of the subject matter of the investigation). To create a portrait of his first interrogate anyone who knows him well. Of course, there are times when hero’s interview has not previously been the object of interest newspapers. In addition, even in this case, it can be useful to carry questioning about your future interlocutor among his family members, neighbors, co-workers, teachers, etc. to

Then, the reporter need to make a list of questions; remember the most important of them, and during the interview to keep a list of the ready in case of sudden failure of memory. However, the list does not have to manage the interview. Already the first questions and answers can give a very different conversation than anticipated reporter direction. The result can be even more good stuff.

Interview twosome is far preferable to phone conversations. In a personal communication, especially if it happens at work or at home, the reporter saw the interviewee environment. In this case, the interview is not interrupted, and combined with the personal observations of the reporter. Telephone the interlocutor can disconnect at any time, and then – the end of the interview.

The reporter should be dressed appropriately, courteous and businesslike. During the interview, it is important to always be alert and relevant issues to return the conversation back on track, if the person gets into some irrelevant area. It is not too easy for beginner’s reporters, especially if the sides are much older, famous or in authority. But in this case, can help to pre-treatment.

How to seek answers

Popular personality, accustomed often give interviews, are able to answer the questions without giving anything in this matter of fact. Particularly fond of this practice policy. In such situations, the reporter should ask yourself whether or not it has received an answer to a question, or the answer is absolutely does not mean anything? If the question still remains unanswered, try to rephrase it and ask again. You can even tell the other party that he did not answer your question.

Those who are not used often give interviews, usually scared notepad or voice recorder reporter. You can encourage this interlocutor, saying that you are interested in receiving absolutely accurate information. If you use the recorder simultaneously selectively take notes – recorder may suddenly fail. If the interviewee is still shy of a notebook or recorder, immediately after the interview sit somewhere nearby – right outside a study door, for example – and restore the conversation, scribbling notes or blow upon recorder. Memory can fail, and what seems to be very fresh impression, often forgotten already on the way to the office. By the way, the recorder – a reliable protection against errors when quoting, as well as the interlocutor of complaints about incorrect citation.

Interviews are usually held blow upon a reporter and interviewee. Sometimes, a wise move will be to conduct an interview with another reporter – one asks questions, another record. This is especially useful in the preparation of materials, investigations, for example, when the alleged offender is available for comment proof of his crimes.


Preliminary courtesy

Almost always agree on long interview in advance. The professional manner of reporter does not exclude the brief preliminary pleasantries. So, the reporter must be sure that the person’s name correctly says: distorted name can severely damage the conversation.

The meaning of any interview is that the other person has to say. If he is silent, try to say that you’re just doing your job and want to do it well.

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