May 4, 2017

Interview. Technology implementation informants


The most versatile and useful information about the affairs of certain groups can be obtained, enlisting her party or hoisted to a trusted person.

Developing a specific individual, the desired approach to it is carried out, involving a person close to him or substitute him his agent.

Methods of recruitment and communication with recruited included in the section on “attracting to cooperate,” but here we analyze only specific aspects of an optimal implementation.

Deep implement can be a companion and carefully selected on different (individual qualities, social and family ties, past, personal interest, etc.) parameters hired man.

There are two approaches to the object:

  1. Under his own name;
  2. With fake documents and descriptions. (In view of the likelihood of accidental or intentional exposure, such an agent usually does not have the extensive social, kinship and economic ties, to be in remote areas and do not show excessive sentimentality).

There are three levels of implementation:

  1. A quiet presence on the overall fees as an outside observer;
  2. A kind of participation in the affairs of the developed community;
  3. The target passage in the upper echelons of the enemy team.

Getting into the organization developed by resorting to the following methods:

  1. The establishment dating a real or perceived contacted or a member of group, which the chain passes the introduced, centering the object. (“Target serial” depends on the organization closed and usually consists of one or more Links, and explore ways of setting are presented in section tells the story of recruitment).
  2. Log into contact with the functionaries of the object with the induction of the latter can offer long-term business, the rationale of its usefulness, communicate important information.
  3. Presentation of real or fabricated recommendations from some persons who are not in the team, but much respected by its leaders.
  4. Deft substitution of this messenger from the known parallel organizations or from the absent at this moment a team member.
  5. Protrusion as an emissary of the non-existent or a specially created organization.
  6. Intensive exposure – blackmail, bribery, persuasion – on any vulnerable group participant, prescribing him to solve your problem.
  7. Advertise “treason” no one rival or enemy organization.
  8. The use (or create) the difficulties in the facility or in the personal affairs of his functionaries to the effective delivery of their unexpected help.
  9. Motivation object to seek contact with the person to substitute him. The fabricated letter, grandstanding actions, inspired publications, coupled with rumors running, carries out trial «bait throwing» and “casual” about pronunciation of some capabilities and knowledge implants can help to solve specific problems such as the organization and its leaders.
  10. The publication of an article in a newspaper or magazine (option – to release a book or pamphlet), congenial, sympathetic and promising in terms of the content of the enemy, and use it as a badge for entry into the structure of interest.

For rapid progress is needed within groups:

  • Be active in-group activities and be very executive functionary;
  • To attract the attention of a person from the leadership team level with the help of his friends and relatives, the effectiveness of the actions and colorful, loyalty, indulging his weakness, etc.;
  • Bold and colorful stocks to gain significant popularity among his “colleagues”;
  • Try to become indispensable, gradually concentrated in their hands the important operational functions;
  • It is perfectly informed in a variety of matters, to always submit the necessary information to someone or make the necessary practical advice;
  • Have accurate files on all those who use the organization of a certain prestige and to provide them with the necessary pressure dosing;
  • Make a bet on a promising functionary and showing himself as a man necessary for him to promote his nomination of a leader;
  • Identify detractors, and is well aware of the reasons for their dislike or discredit these individuals (dismissing some rumors and conducting appropriate action), or turn them into well-wishers (methods of “carrot and stick”).

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