April 14, 2017

Interviewing children. Difficulties. Work with translator



Respect children, treat them seriously and it is unlikely they will “misbehave.” In addition, vice versa, street children, behaving rudely and aggressively toward passing tourists, will change in the blink of an eye; just you show them attended and spoke politely.
Sometimes, however, that the interview interfere with other aspects of their life, depriving them of calm and do not allow focusing on what is happening. But whatever the causes unpredictable behavior of children, do not let yourself be annoyed it still does not help and do not consider it their duty to call them to order.
Making sure that children are uncontrollable, as soon as possible to finish an interview, without giving, however, they realize that they are guilty of something. Alternatively, offer them something else to do younger children draw something or read aloud written their story. It is better than nothing is, the elapsed time is not wasted.
Say, you’re at a loss, you cannot find an explanation for what happened. Put yourself in the place of the children, perhaps, everything will become clear.
In addition, whether it was not your fault? Have you been tired, overwhelmed, do not you think about something else, without any interest in what happens?
The situation got out of control. How can I use this experience in the future?
How to behave in a similar situation in the future?

Work with translator 

Unfortunately, the performance of children sometimes have to pass through the filter transfer for example, if we are talking about children refugee children victims of war. When selecting and using an interpreter refer to some immutable rules. Avoid attract VIPs cooperation; they are able to inspire children to fear. In extreme cases (for example, if the interpreter can perform only one of the local teachers) to select the person calmly, without pretensions of power, so as not to embarrass the children.
Think of someone man or woman is better suited for this role in this situation, to the subject of the interview, to participating in it to children or the individual child.
Sometimes it is better to try to explain in accessible language to you both, let interspersing easy with Russian sign language. You can always ask someone to help you pass the value of a thing but then the translation has become your child with a joint “project”.
If you still need an interpreter, explain your requirements before you start. Emphasize that you need a literal translation, rather than a free adaptation of what children say. That is, they translated the answers should sound the pronouns “I” and “we” rather than the phrase “it is said that or worse, “he thinks that Note that the interview does not tolerate haste cannot fit children should definitely give to finish before starting the translation you cannot ask a child to pause for translation between sentences.
Moreover, from the start upfront you need to hear everything that comes out of the mouth of children. Even obscenity. Sometimes a translator, guided by the desire to bring to the attention of the interviewer is only “good” part of the answer (especially if it has a bearing on them private to the subject school project assistance, etc.), distorts the words of the child or even lowers them. Noticing this, quietly but firmly state that want to know everything that is said the child, and repeat the question if necessary.

Many contained in our directory the recommendations relate to the translators in the same way as you. Make sure that the translator takes the necessary sensitivity to children. Introduce him to start working with some sections of this booklet (especially recommend, “Who are you to each other,” “Explain that this interview”, “Do not interfere with the children to change their statements”).

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