February 25, 2018

Network Marketing Success through Web 2.0 Marketing

The Internet is being reinvented and this will be huge for the perceptive Network Marketers that take advantage of this huge shift in how people connect and network today.

The numbers are staggering, how many people are using the social networking sites like Facebook, Ma.gnolia, Wink, and Reddit. The number of people using YouTube is rivaling the visitors to Google already. Soon social networking sites will dominate the usage on the internet. Already millions and millions of people use these sites to get recommendations on where to eat, movies to watch, what to buy, they share tips on gardening or food recipes. They are also creating groups that they connect with and meeting many new people.

The users of social networking sites are like any neighborhood with some who are students, retirees, regular employees, self-employed and now even network marketers. It is super easy to join a group, contribute to the conversation, and get to know other people, post pictures or share a video. For social network marketers they can offer something of value that attracts prospects who will come to know you and develop trust, instead of just giving a sales pitch.

Enjoy a breath of fresh air in your recruiting

Imagine how much better you will feel working your business when you have qualified prospects contacting you instead of you chasing after people who are not interested. Moreover, when you generate free prospects who already know who you are and respect you as a leader your downline will grow with less effort.

The trouble with the old methods of building a network marketing business is that they are not very effective and it scares people to think that they would have to chase after strangers or hand out flyer has or spend a bunch of money on lunch dates. Utilizing the attraction marketing methods with social networking sites on the internet removes the fear that holds lots of new people back, allowing them to work within their comfort zone.

The income that you want to have will develop quicker and be more substantial. The feeling of working within your comfort zone will also be reflected in your downline being happier and more comfortable with the methods of building their business. You will find that keeping people in your downline becomes easy because happy people making money will tend not to look for something else.

This is what I recommend that you do…

If you want to be successful with your network marketing business you need to get involved and learn how to apply Social Marketing and start attracting prospects to you (attraction marketing). The next 24 months offer huge advantages to those who start applying the techniques of Web 2.0 to their MLM or home based business.

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