May 26, 2017



The audience was interested not only in what happens in the outside world (events, incidents, processes, situations), but also the people as the main actors of what is happening, especially on the part of their personal characteristics. What is identity? Social psychology defines a person as a “human individual, as a subject of relationships and conscious activity.” Each person has his or her own story, its own character, but her peculiar worldview, outlook, outlook, individual habits, inclinations, abilities and so forth.

In particular, speech journalist can focus on any one side of the personality. For example, it may examine:

  • Preferences of a person. Around a sufficient number of people are fond of, say, fishing, cars, collecting mushrooms, stamp collecting, pictures, labels, etc.;
  • The possibility of unusual personality. In this case, the center of his attention are beyond ordinary people An opportunity like ESP, magnetism, phenomenal memory, unusual physical strength, etc.;
  • High professional quality. Attention journalists held by people, perfectly mastered one or another specialty, perfectly perform their duties;
  • Physiological characteristics. In this case, people with unusual appearance, height, skin color, etc., attracted journalistic interest. In addition, not only journalists. As is well known, are organized competition, which resulted in detected the smallest and greatest people in different countries around the world. Now commonly occur so-called beauty contests for women and men. Journalists readily describe as charms and the ugliness of people. For example, many newspapers have talked about various “freaks”, conjoined twins and others in pre-revolutionary Russia and, accordingly, there were readers who welcomed such publication.;
  • Moral examples and vices. As a possible subject of press coverage are the examples of service to operate a certain moral values, dedication to ideals. Extraordinary examples of this kind can be quite a lot, and in each case, one or another of them may be for a journalist of interest.

At the same time, there are many perverse from the point of view of the existing morality of people. Oddly, enough, but the presence of human vices and interested audience, not by chance, journalists describe them willingly.

Personality can be displayed in the publications relating to different groups of the genre. The result is objective “chain”, uniting different publications about the person in a variety of genres.

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