July 18, 2017

Problem outline


The subject of the display in the essays of this type acts a certain problematic situation. That is the course of its development and monitoring in their publication essayist. In his essay on the logical design problem may be similar to such representative analytical genres like art. The reason for this similarity serves first and foremost dominance in the display problematic situation of the research beginning. As an article in a problematic essay the author finds out the cause of this or that problem, trying to determine its further development, to identify solutions. This, of course, determines many features of speech, no matter what genre we would may try to take it.

At the same time, bad essay can always be fairly easy to distinguish from the problematic articles. The most important difference is that the troubled development sketch of the problem situation never seems to say, “naked”, i.e. in the form of statistical laws or generalized judgments, conclusions, and the like, which is characteristic of the article as a genre. The problem sketch acts as a barrier, which is trying to overcome very specific people with their advantages and disadvantages. On the surface of a work that explores the essayist, the problem often manifests itself through conflict (or conflicts), through a collision of interests of people. Exploring these conflicts, their development, he can get to the root of the problem.

At the same time monitor, the development of the conflict in the sketch is usually accompanied by all kinds of emotions from both heroes essay, and from the author himself. Trying to make sense of what was going on, a journalist often attracts all sorts of associations, parallels digression. In the essay – it is common, while in the article the problem they are inappropriate. Write an essay problem, not figuring in the sphere of activities that it deals with, it is impossible. Only a deep insight into the essence of the author can lead to an accurate understanding of the problem that lies at the heart of the study of the situation, and adequately describe it in his essay.

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