June 15, 2017

Requirements for notes


Because the notes are, the main mode of information “Scan” actually means operative notification audience about what is happening in the world, i.e., the most important means of communication of the “news” that the basic requirements that must comply with journalists, preparing notes, are the requirements of timeliness and relevance. A note on an event that has little to do with the interests of the audience, that is, irrelevant note, is unlikely to attract her attention. A note on the event, which is already known to the reader, i.e. Non-immediate notice, too, will be overlooked.

Since the event takes place very much, there is a need to give the most complete picture of what is happening in the world. However, the “dimensionless” media does not exist. Therefore, there is a need for «small» publications, which on newspaper page can be put more. Notes exist precisely because of this need. Hence the indispensable requirements for the next note – it demands accuracy, brevity, and clarity.

Unfortunately, the desire of some authors, so to speak, not “constrain” the likes standard requirements and try to write a review trivial is not always possible. A frequently leads to undesirable results.

Note can be called a “source” information genres, i.e., the type of material from which “grow” other information genres. This growth occurs either due to a larger “deployment”, “manifestation” in the text of one of the genre factors, or their combination. It usually has external features: increasing the size of the information material, a significant peculiarity of its forms (e.g., “fixation” in the text interview stroke by which the information was received, the publication gives dialogical character). Nevertheless, regardless of the degree of “deployed” genre factors in the information publishing it always aims only to inform the audience about the most notable characteristic of the external features of an imaged object, but not to penetrate into the essence of its internal relationships, their analysis.

Below, we consider the information genres that are more “developed” than the tip.

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