November 9, 2016

How Schools Prepares Students for 21st Century

A school is a term that generally features kindergarten, primary, secondary, colleges and universities. However, it is an institution that presents educational activities, has a primary function of presenting formal instructions and enrolling students. In addition, it is an entrusted place that nurtures and installs knowledge and skills into students. On the other hand, a school has the responsibility to prepare students for the 21st   century by equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge that will enhance them henceforth to be productive and responsible.


Critical thinking is one among the skills that a student needs in order to identify a problem and formulate a solution. Ability to think and act quickly is indispensible skill that will help the student manage his/her life. In addition, a teacher should nurture the student to develop this skill by presenting to them situations that requires them to think and develop a solution on their own.

Teachers encouraging collaboration during classroom lessons will help students to develop communication skills through speaking and listening and also motivates and teaches students how to achieve goals together. However, effective teachers should allow their student to lead the learning. This will empower the student to learn and discover themselves.

On the other hand, teachers should encourage students to be initiative and have entrepreneurial spirit. This will be enhanced by teachers being available for students and willing to listen to them since they may be incredibly creative with brilliant ideas that may not be related to classrooms activities.

In conclusion, students will be required to be excellent communicators, innovators and thinkers in order to thrive successfully in this world since things are gradually changing very fast in the 21st century. However, relevant skills will only be acquired and nurtured in schools.

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