December 21, 2016

Tips for writing a “breakdown” cover letter for a journalist

Write it short, easy to read and carefully remove any typos

A good cover letter is important for any job (e.g.: intellectual one). But a journalist, where excellent writing skills are essential, your cover letter should impress.


Here are a few tips to help you write an impressive letter:

Write short

News should be short and comprehensible on – why should not be like your cover letter? Editors are busy people and they are not tempted to read long letters from Tolstoy’s novel. So keep within one page.

Make it energetic and brilliant

Your cover letter, along with examples of articles that will be the first samples of your writing talent that read hiring editor.

In other words, when writing a cover letter, use the same skills that you have mastered the writing on the news. Use short sentences, active voice and accented verbs.

Describe, in general terms, what you have achieved in your career, but do not hammer a letter fine details such as the exact dates and more. Think of your cover letter as an extension of the first section

Preheat their curious

Emphasize the most selling and you achieve your career, but do not open all the cards in the cover letter. Arouse their interest that they wanted to learn more about you in an interview.

Make it clear that you want to work it out there

Examine the organization where you want to work, and insert what you have learned in your cover letter. Clearly state that you want to work in this organization.

Express enthusiasm

Have you ever been in journalism for several months or a few decades, your cover letter should reflect your love of journalism and your dedication to this profession. Make it so that your energy and enthusiasm jumped out of your cover letter

No typos and errors

Nothing so quickly drowns Jobseekers than cover letter misspelled words, grammatical errors or awkward prose downtime. After you write the letter – check it several times, so that each word was in place and expressed the fact that you want to convey.

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