January 4, 2017

What do we know about journalism?

This is your last school year. It is time to think about your future career. Some of your classmates say they intend to follow example of their parents. However, what do you want to do in the future? They are definitely something special, looks interesting and promising, and brings inner satisfaction. Then, journalism can be a perfect activity for you.

Journalism – a very competitive area, so the requirements are very strict, as a rule. To be a journalist, you should show the love of truth and objectivity. In addition, it requires certain skills, when you drag journalism as their future trade into consideration. First, you should try to dominate anything that can be learned – communication skills and problem solving, web site creation, photo and video equipment and software, foreign languages.


Nevertheless, the basic skills – is, of course, to write. You must be able to write perfectly because your main goal – people to encourage you to read the documents and look at the post or to shoot. In addition, it is very important to start doing it while you are studying at high school and writing for the school newspaper station, site or radio, or to a newspaper, television or radio station local. The more you write the better.

However, writing skills – nothing, if you do not have a good knowledge of oral and written communication. Journalists must be able to socialize with people from different social and professional fields. Moreover, these skills need to learn as early as possible. Requirements can vary widely in the media and depend on you want to work but recommended a comprehensive education in all cases.

You should think about the University entering to get a formal education in the field of journalism. This will certainly increase your chances of employment. Some argue that quite a number of leading journalists at the beginning of his other career and that later something turned to journalism to do. This is true, but it was in the past, but now the competition for posts in the media is very rigid. As a university student, you will learn about the different areas of journalism – print, broadcasting, and public relations. At the University, you will continue to work in the media and thus establish professional contacts that can be valuable when you start looking for a job after graduation.

After studying the reporter receives, a wide range of directions will open in front of you – newspapers and magazines, radio and television stations and Internet portals. Successful journalists work in two or more questions, because they are popular with a large number of readers, viewers and subscribers. Some move from print publications in the broadcasting sector, where they create their own program or show. If you have, a good command of foreign languages then the whole world at your feet because you get a contract with the foreign media and make them known to the BBC and CNN as the resources of the planet.

In a world of many professions and positions, some more popular than others. As for journalists, they will always be in demand, because their task of informing us is what is happening in our “global village”, and they represent information from different perspectives, as well as social and political positions.

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