About me


About Michael Perkins

My name is Michael Perkins I’m a regular guy who likes things simple.  I’m a husband, pastor, blogger, creative, and a map maker.

I started this blog because:

  • I believe in the message I share.
  • I want to create things that matter.
  • I believe we complicate things that are simple.
  • I want to change the world…for the better.

The things that I share and create here are the very things that I am wrestling with myself.

If you are want to be stretched, if you want honest, if you want simple, then this blog is for you.



Originally from Wheelersburg, Ohio I went to college in Kansas on a baseball scholarship.  After hurting my elbow my freshman year I moved back home to Ohio to study History and Political Science.

A few months later a girl moved to Ohio so that we could get married.  And on March 15, 2003 I married the love of my life.

Though, I hand-write all of my posts here, I still write for other blogs.  If this is something you would to have me do, feel free to contact me :

I am also available to speak at events, conferences, and retreats on topics ranging from creativity to spiritual growth.