January 25, 2017

How to combine work and study

It is no secret that the financial situation of most students is very slippery and unstable. It is always disappointing. In fact, the period of the student body – the perfect time to practice to demonstrate that happiness – not money. In particular, not only silver. Money is a necessary but not sufficient, if you want. To live a full life in your pocket, only one scholarship, frankly, very difficult: the possibility simply cannot meet the needs.

Not to mention the paid tuition students. Question of combining study and work, therefore, is relevant to a large number of students. And, if for part-time students this question quite decide what to full-time students, it is often out of the question becomes a problem we do not know how to deal. This is what we will see in this article. What you should know if you want to combine study with work, and he will not do it at the expense of their health, their education and their work. Just note that the option of a “but if you interfere with the study, and throws his study,” we do not consider.



You decide exactly what work is necessary at this stage of life, and for what. Just work “Bring Porter” away from your professional future or such work, sitting on which you will be able to terminate the study discovered a number of new features and gain valuable work experience in their specialty. As soon as you answer these questions, the more will be the right choice. However, the choice should be yours and yours alone.

Be diplomatic

Learn to negotiate with teachers. Oh, yes, we know there are teachers who are not something that an agreement, but it is simply not possible to speak. However, all the teachers are people instead of soulless robots, and nothing human is alien to them. Talk to each teacher, explain the situation. In general, if a teacher sees a proper person who will make an effort to study the discipline, attitude towards you, despite the possible absence due to work commitments, it will be positive. In addition, if you test your words, in fact, they will be respected.

In each situation, a simple human communication will help to find a compromise. For example, to come to the clearing before the modification if the work does not linger, to provide a report on the laboratory or practice a bit ‘of time after appointed, and so on. And so on. Moreover, diplomacy is an art – that will serve the rest of their lives, no matter who you work – plumber, or ambassador to a distant exotic country.

Consider the possibility of free participation in conferences

This feature is not present in all universities, but consider, really worth. This will get a piece of special paper – what to do in our world solve a lot of paper and play an important role. Free is slacker, lazy documents, and with it – a student is respected allowed to attend conferences in free mode. Like it or not, you will have to accept. At least for a while ‘, until you have finished college, and did not have a complete change in the world. Free tours release schedule a lot of time also will attend classes in a “sampling mode” completely formal.

Take time to rest

Keep fit, and not work to the detriment of health. Nobody, even your employer does not need to bring you to a pulp. Spend enough time to rest, to keep a cool head. Tired, do not sleep the brain is not the best assistant in your life, especially when you are young, and combine study with work.

Combining studies and work require a very detailed organization of its time. In such a pace of life saturated, with the current need to combine study and work, for the capture of all, even if you have self-discipline, as near as possible to perfection, it is very difficult.

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