June 1, 2017

Estimated information. Regulatory information. The program information


Estimated information

As you know, the evaluation is the ratio of the subject of (a journalist or any other person) to measure the subject. This attitude is the result of comparing the evaluation subject to certain criteria, as which can act needs, interests, ideals, standards, samples, standards, and so forth. The estimated are often reports of all sorts of phenomena information plan (books, movies, plays, etc.). However, the score, of course, may be imposed with respect to any object appearances.

Regulatory information

The rules are the requirements addressed by society social groups, to individuals. Social norms are diverse. They can be attributed to the different types, depending on the classification of bases. For example, they may be political, economic, moral, technical, medical, etc. The importance of standards for human is not simply that they restrict the “metered” its activities, performing a regulatory function, but also in the fact that, in implementing regulatory requirements, he is entitled to expect the same from others. Only in this case can be ordered life in society, the only way can be eliminated accidental, unintentional “collision” of the citizen in the process to meet their needs with the state or other citizens.

It follows from this that the media consumers are interested in information, the following plan:

– Compliance standards, carried out according to the reader, other people;

– How the company is estimated compliance (violation) standards;

– The emergence of new standards in public life.

The program information

The program is a representation of a certain set of consecutive actions, during which apply specific tools in order to achieve the desired result. In the note program, information usually appears in the form of short board recommendations.

Sometimes the program information are identified with the standard, because the program shows how to do something, to achieve the goal, but the rule also provides a sample. However, the rule in the first place, is a requirement, which must always be performed in a certain situation; it is imperative (an imperative) character. Secondly, failure to comply with it, as mentioned in the previous section, may entail certain sanctions. The program also shows one of the variants of action leading to success, and has only a recommendatory character.

In the case where the same program as the most effective, it is proposed to carry out always under certain conditions, it becomes a standard program. If the execution of the program becomes a standard requirement and is accompanied by specific sanctions, it becomes the norm.

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