June 6, 2017

Event-tip. Announcement. Annotation. Mini review



Notes of this type make up, so to speak, the main flow of information in the press publications. The main content of these notes is a factual description. Selection of an independent genre view possible based on originality of the display object. As such, in the event-note typically perform a variety of events, as well as the situation in this or that sphere of activity.


This information formed the genre of notes, which are preventive messages about the future of all kinds of cultural events, exhibitions, concerts and so on. The name “announcement” is translated from the English “announce” as a “message”, “proclamation”, “classified”. Without this kind of operational messages is difficult to imagine the press, because they attract the public for all sorts of activities, mainly committed in the cultural life of the community (but of course, and not only in this area).

Despite the proximity to the declaration of the announcement is a separate kind of publications. The difference (albeit slight) between the announcement and the announcement (as they exist in modern Russian press) above consists in the fact that the ads perform notification function is not only about what and where something will happen, but that is already happening, or It happened. In addition, ads are pursuing a purely utilitarian purposes, does not claim to be any sort was to present the details, history “events”, its causes, modalities.

Preview and close to the ad text. However, in contrast, the announcement is not intended to attract the “event” as much as possible to the public, describing his or her dignity. The main purpose of the announcement to give a brief but objective information about the time and the main aspects of the scheduled event, the most important of its preconditions and stages.


The title of “abstract” genre translates to English “the annotate” as “take notice”. This kind of notes belongs to the category of information texts, the subject of the display, which appears certain, already held an information event (first of all – it is a book, article). The purpose of the publication of this type is not so much to inform the audience about the appearance, the existence of a new edition, as to briefly describe its quality. In the summary reports on the major, “nodal” moments emerged the phenomenon (its title, author or an author, publisher or producer, subject, content, time of occurrence, the goal of a). Annotation is one of the main genres of specialized periodicals, but quite often, the publication of this genre appeared in periodicals and other plan.

Sometimes annotation called mini-review. With this you cannot agree, because every review, including at the mini-reviews, different purpose than that of the announcement.

Mini review

It is an interesting evaluation, the subject of which is the information for some event (a book, a movie, a play, etc.). The purpose of this type of publication is to inform the reader about the impression received by the author in the course of acquaintance with the displayed object. This impression is a kind of assessment of the merits of the product, in a mini-review is not justified by some evidence, but a simple statement of the author’s emotions.

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