December 5, 2016

Sex education in schools

The issue regarding sex education in schools has always had a varied opinion among the parents and teachers. Sex education in schools is the process that involves students forming attitudes, beliefs and acquiring information regarding sex, intimacy, relationships and sexual identity. This paper looks forward to determine whether sex education in schools has benefits.


To begin with, sexual education in schools offers the opportunity to teach students about health, social and psychological gains that arise when one abstains from activities that are related to sex. Due to this, it enables the society to raise children that are aware of the consequences that do arise from promiscuous activities. According to Langley (2012), it helps the young individuals to be aware of negative outcomes such as sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies.

Australian Council for Educational Research (2000) argues that the decision making skills of the youth is enhanced as well as the quality of their relationships and this is invaluable over life (Langley, 2012). It is mainly attained through the education that they achieve on how to reject advances related to sex and the impact that drugs and alcohol have. On the other hand, sex education makes the children curious about sex hence they become eager to experiment. It hence has the possibility of resulting to early pregnancies.

To sum it up, from the above analysis, it is self evident that sex education in schools is of benefit as well as has its demerits. Care needs to be taken when educating students regarding sex. But the benefits are more. Hence sex education should be taught in schools.

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