February 17, 2017

The interview as a genre of journalism

Young man have job interview.


Interview – special information genre of journalism is co-featured bout correspondent dialogue and publication of the hero. Otherwise, the interviewer interviewee. (Plates, try to speak)

Interview – an original genre, in this regard, it is made in a special way. While the article, extended information several similar (Problems details). In an interview, you write down your question and the answer word for word hero. However, interview structure includes other components.

Types of interviews (classification)

  • Information. The full interview to get information, and if the interviewer and the hero will be to focus on the questions: What? Where? When?
  • Analytical. If the interviewer and his companion begin to “roll out” the answer to the questions: Why? For what purpose? What does it mean? And so forth. Then re-result can turn out analytical material.

Remember, the answers to the interview information may not always be the following brief-governmental, yet they have the same goal: to inform the reader about the author’s interest in the subject, not analyze it. It is kind of questionnaire.

The structure of the interview

Introduction (cap) is usually made in italics or bold. It states newsworthy, theme interview, justified the choice of theme; It reported the surname, first name of the hero, position, social status.

Actually, the interview – your questions, answers hero.

The conclusion, completion: the wording of the main thought of the material, ideas, meeting your comments. This element is optional. And may be present such elements of the interview: biographical information, a message about the achievements of the hero, an opportunity to highlight its views on any relevant and interesting issues. (Shown in the examples)

Mandatory element of the interview – Photo. Photos from the family archive up-starts only when you talk about your character as a brow-century. If you talk to them on any social issue, elucidating, NJ competent expert opinion (e.g., broker firms discussed-eat question depending on the Russian economy from the dollar, or the director of the Arkhangelsk region on school problems the Department of Education), the trail-a make a fresh image. Therefore, in an interview always take it with the photographer.

How to prepare for an interview?

  1. Make an appointment at a convenient for you and your hero time. Better on neutral territory. The Hero is required to prevent photographers.
  2. Pre-view information about your character, not to be trapped with questions and to arrange it for you (it is very difficult to regain the brow-century).
  3. Questions are prepared in advance. Are arranged in a specific, logical order. Perhaps, during the interview procedure is violated, there will be new issues, will disappear already harvested. Here the main thing – to keep the thread of the conversation: you should keep the hero, and he is not you. Remember that any interview subject should be. In addition, questions are the subject must comply. It is also possible not to meet personally and carefully filling out the questions to pass the hero. Then pick up the answers.
  4. To endorse the text of the hero, his interlocutor.
  5. The recorder is required if this is a personal meeting.
  6. During an interview the other person may want something to hide. Insist his response. No need to persuade the interlocutor, if you do not taking his point of view.
  7. Goethe said: “Everyone hears what he understands.” To avoid mistakes, asks, specify. (Do you remember those phrases, which we did, talking about credibility and trust of readers: “Do I understand is true …” “You say showed that …” What other phrases you can use” Do you agree with? the fact that … “,” Am I right in believing … “)
  8. In preparation for the interview, remember also that the Lord said Morley. “The speech has meaning only three things – who says, says what he says. In addition, of these three things it has the third smallest value.” This is to ensure that in an interview you should try to convey speech feature, companion thinking, dis-cover it to readers as a professional and a person.

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