February 21, 2017

Interview: passage through a minefield (part 1)

Editor of the newspaper – this is a man who knows exactly what he wants, but is not quite sure.


I myself saw that the interview was a rarity in the newspaper and magazine pages. Why? Yes, at that time on the rostrum Party, Komsomol congresses every delegate left with a speech not only written but also tested in the regional committee or the Central Committee, edited. This applies to all the high and the highest collections. Every word had to meet the “life-changing” decisions, decisions. In general, “democratic” play improvisations are not allowed. Submit a request for an interview to the official who has the information, the Director of a Research Institute – they certainly need to ask permission from his superiors.

Once the magazine “Change” has refused to give an interview to the famous Antonov aircraft, although it can be said, he was the godson of the magazine, which is at the dawn of its existence (somewhere in the twenties) has announced a competition to design a glider “Change”. Competition won a young boy, Oleg Antonov, sent the version of your drawings. The glider was “built”, the magazine published a photo: Glider and on it, and glider pilot, he is the designer.

And after decades of seeing this picture in an old filing, I call Oleg K. – was an important occasion, and he says that, in spite of the tender related to the “change”, to meet its correspondent cannot: “My minister has forbidden me to appear in Print more than once a year. In addition, my limit has been exhausted … “And he was set, this limit, after his article in the” Literary Gazette “of broken bricks. He walked one day past the construction site, watched the barbaric unload bricks, as it beats, in which it flies a lot of money to the state and how much money could save a cheap, simple little device. A minister-and decided unbecoming a celebrity to act anti-Soviet articles and speeches…

Commission having a Job interview.

Other “Song” began with the reconstruction. The interview went jamb. In other publications published several pieces in one room. People of different professions with enviable confidence expressed (with our help) on any topic. Sometimes, according to the explicit stuff beforehand stipulating their right to make a mistake: “I may be wrong, but it seems to me …” 0x much volubility that!

Shine and poverty of the genre – in its omnivorous and apparent ease. Crowded under the common roof of “Interview at the ramp”, “telephone interview”, “Interview with passion”, “round tables” … A Drop questions leave a response, you will receive information of clean water. In addition, the first option differs from the second only in the number of “speaking” and not the number of messages. Category “Interview” often emphasizes not so much freshness, uniqueness and originality of the material, only the kitchen journalist in its preparation: work, met a team assembled – and some experts on the topic! – And I listened.

It is easy to notice that the top of the genre remains interview-study – the study of personality. It is close to the essay. Essays narrated character itself. This is his self-portrait of the speech, if you will. A journalist with questions directs the narrative stops focus on the more interesting, from his point of view, the facts. This allows the string to any common thread beads. Let slip the pearls often, but taken together not equivalent beads can be a wonderful necklace. Unless, of course, journalists will be able to “roll” the interlocutor on the frank story about yourself or your business, their interests and passions – very interesting to the reader.

The above involves the creation of a trust, I would say, in a certain sense the intimate relationship between the interviewer and the interviewee. To create such contact has plenty of proven methods. They help to “unleash” (sorry for the slang) language companion.

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