February 23, 2017

Interview: passage through a minefield (part 2)


Trumps is always there, just need to use them wisely.

It is ridiculous to say, but it is often noticed that when meeting with a person who will interview my dimensions (height 190, weight 120) does not go unheeded. Moreover, I came to the conclusion that all of us from childhood, from the company of their peers, which is usually slightly larger boy bosses or others physically stronger. He obeyed, it feared and respected. Not because he gave his friends and cuffs, force asserted his authority. No. However, the realization that he can do it, kept the others in respecting and his strength, and the fact that he does not enjoy it.

Cannot believe my experience, however, I must say that not once during the meeting notice in the people very respectable and respected the echo of children’s chain of command, the initial agreement to respond to the questions that I ask.

I say this without boasting, because of my merit is not here. Appearance – a reality that fell to my lot. And each person has something to his advantage. For example, a young and charming girl is no doubt that the other party-men will be more pleasant to answer her questions, what questions a male reporter. A woman, on the other hand, are more willing to give an interview to a nice young man. Such things happen unconsciously and unnoticed by the parties, but remember this is because the appearance of the journalist, personal qualities – his tools, so to speak.

It is not always possible to capture the spirit of the source; there is no time to determine his condition, so you should be careful in the use of their personal reserves. Otherwise, your sociability seem familiarity swagger. A similar must be absolutely excluded. In no event, it is impossible to ignore and what you consider your advantage. It may be, for example, that your companion in childhood hurt a tall boy, and he has long been averse, even hostility to anyone who is a cut above him. A young journalist is unlikely to emphasize its beauty, elegance, trendy clothes, when it comes to interview women. Yes, and men too. Perhaps he had a daughter the same age, which exasperates the pope requests for rags fashion firms for which he had no money. So go like a minefield: anywhere but explode, so you need to hold in your hand sensitively probe, calibrate each step, not to climb recklessly ahead – caution is not superfluous.

So that personal dignity as a spoon, good for lunch, that is, to the place and by the time.

Eliminate third superfluous. Part of the success depends on the interviewer, what environment it will create in the beginning of the conversation. It should be as if casually ask where the person studied, worked, where he had gone to rest. I am sure you can usually find common ground, to find common acquaintances, friends or enemies. It helps to do the following steps.

Take recently interviewed about the problems of our fisheries and the director at the beginning of the conversation the way know that he graduated from the University for one year with me. Along the way, it turns out that he is engaged in boxing in the same section that I have the same coach. Since then, many years have passed, we, naturally, did not know each other, but are both well remember our coach and his claim to him was a harsh man, but a great coach. He encourages us to bludgeon each other heartily. Therefore, these memories have become a bridge between Doctor of Geographical Sciences and me. It’s nice when it happens. However, at the same time it is inconceivable that the introductory part of themselves buried under the main conversation, it is useful to bear in mind recommendation Prutkov about the fountain, which is sometimes necessary to plug.

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